Program Contents

Our Mission

Mr. Pramod Joshi, Mission Director of Usha Swapna Foundation, India, believes that Art & Culture is the only medium to bring Peace & Harmony in world, transgressing the boundaries of Geography, Race & Religion. History tells us Economic & Military power do not bind people together. Culture does! As you know, Indian Art & Culture has intrinsic beauty & charm to win millions of hearts world-wide, which is our Mission. Over the centuries, International scholars, philosophers & artists have experienced this charm. They are lured by meditative & spiritual influence of Indian classical music, dance, yoga & Ayurveda. People, all over the world, have developed a very positive perspective towards India in last two decades due to Economic liberalization, global competitiveness, technological advances and youthful approach of Indians. Large numbers of global citizens are in search of authentic, genuine, total Indian culture experience and not just as “tourist interest”.

Authentic Total Indian Culture Experience

To meet this expectation, we have planned an innovative, unique & ideal cultural vacation for you. It’s a well structured, five days a week, short duration (four and two weeks), academic, fee-based, round the year, residential course: Live Indian Culture Program. You will stay in scenic resorts in Pune, India, for 2 week/ 4 weeks . You will experience authentic and total Indian Cultural experience. We will seriously teach you Yogasan, Meditation, classical music & dance, folk-arts & cookery, literature. You will enjoy concert every evening as also Indian festivals! This Nine hours of sublime experience is only for $350 a day. While programs in other centers cost about $300 for just 2 hours of Yoga!

Core Sessions: Classical Music

The idea is to teach you the solid fundamentals and also train you to enjoy the fine nuances. Training is serious and rigorous 4 hours every day. We appoint the Guru for each art-faculties like vocal, instrument and dance. Teacher is called Guru in traditional Indian parlance. We have selected the Gurus having at least 10-15 years of authentic, traditional training from seniors. The Gurus impart theoretical and practical knowledge. You are under total influence and charm of Indian classical music and dance.

Literature, Folk Arts, Concerts, Kerala Therapy and more

LICP gives you an overview of Indian literature like Mahabharat, Ramayan, Puraan, Vedas, Kalidas and also contemporary literature, like Rabindranath Tagore and Premchand. LICP introduces you to Indian drama and theatre as also traditional and contemporary fashion. Ayurved lectures are important part of LICP. You are made to participate in group folk-arts like Rangoli, Mehendi, terracotta pottery and Warli painting. You are mesmerized by classical music and dance concerts, every evening. You learn and enjoy Indian cooking. Tasty Indian food with regional recipes is provide to participants.

It’s a genuine, authentic experience of Indian culture you will cherish for life.

Refreshing Week-ends

Reservations are made for site seeing tours of Archaeological monuments, forts & museum, painting exhibitions & Classical Concerts of professional performers. To introduce modern India to foreigners, visits to Industries, Chamber of commerce, Modern Farms, Beach stay, social-work organizations, educational institutions are also planned. Jungle-Trek, Golf, Tennis, Swimming, horse riding/racing, discotheque etc can also be week-end recreation options, at extra cost, if time permits.

Daily Activities

Sr. No. Time Tentative Activity (5 Days a week) Remarks
1 6.00-7.00 Yogaasan & Meditation One teacher for 1 Batch
2 7.00-7.30 Bath
3 7.30-8.45 Home work given by the Gurus
4 8.45-9.00 Breakfast with Indian delicacies
(daily change:Idli, upama ,vada, pohe, paratha, etc with green salads as also toast, omelet, etc.)
The hostess will explain history etc.
5 9.00-1.00 Eleven Fine Art Faculties are offered for Coaching
(A) Vocal-Khayal & Drupad
(B) Instrument-Tabla, Sitar, Sarod, Harmonium, Flute, Violin,
(C) Dance- Kathak, Bharat Natyam & Odissi.
Mention your options or Preferences in Reg Form
One Guru will teach 1 Batch. Two sessions of 2 hours each with short break.
6 1.00-2.00 Veg Lunch : Traditional, Regional i.e. Marathi menu, daily change. The hostess will explain the cuisine, recipes & history
7 2.00-3.00 Siesta/Tea, coffee Siesta is traditional in tropical country
8 3.00-4.00 Session for Indian Literature: Vedas, Ramayan, Mahabharat, Pooran, Kalidas, Tagore ,Theater (Ancient, medieval & modern), Ayurved, Indian Fashion (Traditional & Contemporary), Agriculture (Ancient & Modern) Retired Art Professors and young researchers will conduct respective session
9 4.00-5.00 Group Folk Arts/ Lec-Dem sessions of Rangoli, Mehendi, Terracotta pottery, Warli painting, Expert folk art-teachers will teach
10 5.00-6.30 Abhyangsnan, Ayurvedic Kerala, therapies with medicinal/cosmetic values. Its optional. Two sessions a week. A batch of Five FPs in a batch. Number may vary
11 6.30-7.00 High Tea, Indian snacks : Paani Poori, Bhel, Samosa Local & national recipes.
12 7.00-8.00 Daily Concert & Lec Dem by performing Artists vocal, instruments, dance. The Artist will explain the fine nuances & appreciation & entertain, too
13 8.00-9.00 (A) Three Cookery Lessons per Week
(B) Participation in Seasonal Festival (optional):
Durga Puja, Dassara, Diwali, Pongal, Holi, Ganapati , marriage, thread ceremony.
Cooking is group activity its part of Indian culture.
You will enjoy and learn Indian festive-rituals.
14 9.00-10.00 Traditional Indian Dinner with Punjabi/Mughalai/Rajastani/Gujrati The hostess will explain history etc