About Usha Swapna Foundation

Usha Swapna Foundation (USF) is cultural organization founded by Mr Pramod Joshi, the Mission Director of Live Indian Cultural Program. USF is the first and the only private Foundation to have concert-collaboration with Indian Council of Cultural Relations (Foreign Ministry, Central Govt), Doordarshan ( Information & Broadcasting, Ministry of Central Govt), Culture & Tourism Ministry(Odisha State Govt), Symbiosis & Kannada Sangh.

Classical Contribution

  • Live Indian Culture Program for Participants from all over the world
  • Door Darshan Telecast of Concerts in Maharashtra : Malhar Aavishkar
  • Private Foundation to have Concert-Collaboration with ICCR ( Foreign Ministry), Doordarshan ( I & B Ministry), Odisha Govt-Culture Ministry, Symbiosis & Kannada Sangh
  • Web site of Single Concert since 2006, having more than 50,000 visits, at peak
  • Global Calendar of Classy Concerts, since 2006
  • Scholar-Award for Music & Dance scholars, since 1998. The only award for the scholars
  • Independent Foundation to organize regular Dance concerts
  • only Concert in the country with vocal, instrument & dance based on variants of Raag-Malhar, with no repetition of Raag , with Lucid Raag Analysis & Raag-explanation
  • Innovative Thematic Concerts : Ek Pariwar…Ek Malhar, Yuva Jugal, Mia Biwika Malhar, Karnatak Malhar & Odisha Malhar
  • Concerts of 10 Karnatak Artists ( 2011) & 20 Odisha Artists (2012) who presented Malhar Raag in Hindustani Classical style in Vocal, Instrument & Dance concerts
  • Scheme of Medical Insurance for Artists (1988)
  • Association of Concert-Organizers ( 1989)
  • Pure Dance Concerts to Celebrate International Dance Day in April 2013

USF has organized more than 120 concerts of Classical Music & Dance

  • Free Concerts , no tickets
  • Concert Reviews by scholars & journalists
  • Photographic Reviews of major festivals
  • To Nurture Odissi Dance in Maharashtra, Odissi Dance Work-shops